Sunday, November 21, 2010

About Cassie


Cassie Papia is a Communication Arts major with a minor in Recreation and Leisure Studies.  Cassie grew up in Haverhill Massachusetts before coming to Gordon College.  During her time at Gordon Cassie served as a Resident Assistant, worked for the Center of Educational Technologies, and was a member of the Elijah Project.  She also studied abroad in Gold Coast, Australia in Spring 2010.  Cassie interned with the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, located in Boston, and also directed a start-up camp called the Rockport Summer Club in conjunction with the Cape Ann YMCA in the Summer of 2010.  Upon graduating in December Cassie hopes to find a job on the North Shore or Metro Boston area where she can build relationships with people, do some writing, design or speaking, and/or help people meet their personal goals while enjoying lives of leisure. 

Cassie's Artist Statement:

Reveal & Respond was such a meaningful event for me two years ago, so I hope to plan and execute a similar event that can minister to the student body this fall.  The goal is for it to be a time of student-led worship, of testimonies and of prayer.  The theme is to focus on some of the tougher, meatier, more personal issues and experiences in our lives.  This could be anything from doubts in faith, family history, past relationships, traumatizing experiences, to even the most personal aspects of struggles or afflictions.  My team and I want to provide an environment where students feel they can reveal what these issues are, and then proceed to respond with their peers in the presence of God.  We hope the student body will feel cleansed, restored, encouraged and empowered to move forward through the love and blood of Christ, and alongside each other.  It's really a restorative journey that we hope to take together; it's about healing and growth.

These are some of the foundational things that I believe in: transparency, humility, community, and growth in Christ.  My larger goals as an artist are to primarily build relationships and hopefully genuine community with others.  I'd also love to work alongside others to help them achieve desired goals; this could be in areas of fitness, health and wellness, personal character traits, or spiritual growth through mentorship.  I also love the outdoors and am considering pursing graduate work in the field of Outdoor Education in a few years.  I have a heart for the inner city and would be blessed to serve in these environments.  It would be "my greatest passion meeting the world's deepest need" (Frederick Buechner) if I could find a place where those interests can be combined with my gifts and education in Communication Arts to foster and advocate a greater cause.